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The Different Types of Flooring

The Different Types of Flooring
What species of hardwood will you choose?

Choosing what kind of flooring your home has in it can be a
difficult choice. If you’re sick of tile or wall to wall carpet, then it could
be time to make a change. The only question is, will you have bamboo, hardwood
flooring, or laminate? And if you choose hardwood, what species of wood will
you have? Let’s find out.


You probably only think about maple when
you’re trying to decide what syrup you would like on your pancakes. All the
same, maple is a popular choice for hardwood floors. The grain pattern is
extremely subtle, allowing it to pair well with almost any space that you want
to add it to; even in high-traffic areas. That’s how you know how durable maple
really is.


Rosewood also has a striking grain pattern.
One of the most distinctive features of rosewood is that you can have it come
in different colors as drastically far apart as yellow and purple. Although
rosewood has been used for furniture building for centuries, it has only just
recently become a popular material for flooring in homes across the country.


When you are worried about the durability of
your new hardwood floors, then the choice is clear. In this
case, you should pick walnut. That’s because it is one of the hardest woods on
the Janka scale and can last no matter how much damage it takes.


Although cherry wood used for hardwood
flooring isn’t as strong as Brazilian cherry, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth
the investment. It can make any room more elegant, but the downside is that it
is somewhat softer and can scratch more easily. You’ll need to stay on top of
the refinishing process.

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Hardwood Flooring Installation
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At Jason Brown Wood Floors,
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We have been awarded Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore Award 4 times and
have been proudly serving the Baltimore Area for over 16 years. If you’re ready
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