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Choose Your Wood Floor Finishing

Choose Your Finishing

Hardwood floor sanding


During the sanding process, we will remove the top layers of finish, wear, grime, and defects from your floor.

Hardwood floor staining


After a fresh layer of wood is exposed, we can stain your floor or apply a clearcoat. Natural stains will bring out the woody features, but kick it up a notch by adding color. Tres Chic!

Hardwood floor Finishing


Finishing is where some real magic can happen. We apply custom finishing features, such as oil based polyurethane, water-based polyurethane, Rubio Monocoat, various specialty oils, and other finishes based on your needs and the desired end look.

Custom Finishing Techniques

  • Raised & Worn Pegs

    Old World Flair - Ready to really kick it up a notch? Set your floors apart with a truly custom look.

  • Hand Scraping

    Gives Worn Look - One of the oldest finishing methods in flooring. It can add a worn look and can be subtle or eye-catching.

  • Color Washing

    Slone or with Stain - Hardwood floors no longer have to be brown. Now your color choices are unlimited.

  • Hardwood Floor Color


    Popular Custom Look - This popular technique involves beating and wearing the planks to give an aged appearance.

Custom Staining (Many more options available)

  • Natural Flooring

    Natural 209

  • Golden Oak Flooring

    Golden Oak 210b

  • Provincial Flooring

    Provincial 211

  • Red Oak Flooring

    Red Oak 215

  • Puritan Pine Flooring

    Puritan Pine 218

  • Pine Flooring

    Ipswich Pine 221

  • Sedona Red Flooring

    Sedona Red 222

  • Colonial Maple Flooring

    Colonial Maple 223

  • Special Walnut Flooring

    Special Walnut 224

  • Red Mahogany Flooring

    Red Mahogany 225

  • Early American Flooring

    Early American 230

  • Gun stock Flooring

    Gunstock 231

  • Red chestnut Flooring

    Red Chestnut 232

  • English chestnut Flooring

    English Chestnut 233

  • Cherry Flooring

    Cherry 235

  • Fruitwood Flooring

    Fruitwood 241

  • Golden Pecan Flooring

    Golden Pecan 245

  • Pickled Oak Flooring

    Pickled Oak 260

  • Driftwood Flooring

    Driftwood 2126

  • Dark Walnut Flooring

    Dark Walnut 2716

  • Ebony Flooring

    Ebony 2718

  • Flooring

    Jacobean 2750

  • Weather Oak Flooring

    Weathered Oak 270

  • Classic Gray Flooring

    Classic Gray 271

  • Honey Flooring

    Honey 272

  • Espresso Flooring

    Espresso 273


  • Wood finish Wax


    Provides beautiful rich color that enhances the natural wood grain

  • Dura seal

    Dura Seal

    Semi-transparent stain formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability

Choose Your Coating

  • Sampson SamSeal


    Withstands the wear of pedestrian traffic and resist common liquid spills (perspiration, food, drinks).

  • Basic Coatings

    BasicĀ® Coatings

    Durable and reliable floor coating

Choose Your Sheen

  • Deep Cleaning Wood Floors

    High Gloss

    Highly reflective

  • Semi Gloss Flooring

    Semi Gloss

    Medium reflective

  • Satin Sheen Flooring

    Satin Sheen

    Low reflective