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How to Find a New Pattern for Your Flooring

How to Find a New Pattern for Your Flooring

If you’re getting new wood flooring installed, there are many different patterns for installing the planks.

As the last quarter of the year approaches, you could be looking for a new start. You don’t need to wait until January to refresh the look of your home. Look no further than your flooring. How dinged up and damaged are they? Or is it just that the pattern doesn’t excite you anymore? Here’s how to find a new one that strikes your fancy instead.

Choosing Horizontal or Vertical

The first decision you need to make is whether you want a horizontal pattern or vertical one instead. Straight flooring is the most common and also the easiest to install. This means that the planks are laid down side-by-side. It comes down to how long and how wide your floors are, along with the dimensions of the room. Whether you want a traditional design or something more contemporary, you can make both happen as you wish.

Mixing It Up

Random patterns can also add visual interest. This is one good reason why you should consider it, especially if the older patterns seem rather tame or boring. Random flooring patterns use floorboards of different sizes and lengths instead of using all the same size. One way to let your imagination run wild is to choose these patterns for your next order of hardwood flooring.

Angled Looks

Sometimes, you might be struggling for inspiration. One solution is to ask friends and neighbors about how their experience with replacing their hardwood floors went. Another idea is to play around with angled looks worked into your new floors. These patterns are diagonal and at put down at 45-degree angles. If you have a small room, then you can make it feel bigger by choosing this design.

Parquet and Herringbone

Parquet and herringbone patterns are also viable. They’re timeless and add some flair to your floors. It can make a room feel much more elegant than before.

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