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How to Properly Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floors

how to properly deep clean your hardwood floors jason brown wood floors

With everyone spending more time at home, now is a perfect time to try a DIY deep clean on your hardwood floors.

Now more than ever, it is essential to properly clean the surfaces in your home to keep your family healthy. Your floors especially are excellent at trapping dust and dirt and releasing it back into your home. With everyone spending more time at home, now is a perfect time to try a DIY deep clean on your hardwood floors. Here are some easy steps to deep clean your floors.

Remove Dust and Debris First

Before you pick up that mop, make sure you clean up any dust or debris on your floors first. It is recommended to use a vacuum to pick up any mess, as a traditional broom can leave scratches or scuff marks on your floor. Be sure to use a vacuum with a hardwood floor function and be careful of vacuums with bars and wheels that could dent the floors. Vacuuming your hardwood floors before cleaning is effective because you don’t want to put floor cleaner over a dusty floor.

Apply Your Cleaning Solution

Once you have removed all the dust from your floors, now you are ready to begin the deep clean process. First, you need to choose the right cleaning solution for your hardwood floor. The type of finish you have will determine what kind of cleaner you should use. Surface finishes are the most common type of residential wood floor finish. This type of finish is prevalent because it prevents liquids from absorbing into the floor, making it easy to wipe up spills.

On the other hand, penetrating finishes absorb deep into the wood fibers to oxidize and harden it from the inside out. Floors with penetrating finishes are very prone to water damage, as opposed to surface finishes. For floors with surface finishes, any water-based cleaning solution works well. However, If your floors have a penetrating finish, avoid water-based cleaners at all costs. Instead, use pH-neutral cleaners.

Clean Your Floors

Once you have the proper cleaning solution, it’s time to start cleaning. Apply your cleaning solution to a microfiber cloth pad and clean in the direction of the floorboards. Doing so prevents streaking and allows the cloth fibers to pick up dirt and grime that’s wedged between the floorboards. 

While it is possible to deep clean your floors yourself, it is always recommended to hire a professional to clean your hardwood floors. Many professional floor cleaners use high-powered machines equipped with microfiber cloths that take a lot of the hard work out of cleaning hardwood floors. This process will remove dirt, grime, dust and other allergens both on the surface and within the wood grain. Your floor can also be sanitized to eliminate bacteria and germs.

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