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Keeping Your Wood Floors Safe During Your Next Party

Keeping Your Wood Floors Safe During Your Next Party

Summer is coming to an end! Enjoy the parties, but keep your floors protected!

With the summer about to end, you may want to celebrate one last time before the kids go back to school – whether that means to lower schools or off to college. What if someone has a late summer birthday and you want to mark the occasion? Here are some tips for keeping your wood floors safe during your next party.


Another idea is to use rugs. Runners are an excellent way to liven up your floor while keeping the wood floors underneath the rugs safe. There won’t be as many scratches left behind on the floor to deal with, and when you don’t need them you can just roll the rugs up and put them away until the next special occasion.


Late summer and early fall are often particularly wet times of year. If you know it is going to rain heavily, set aside some towels for your guests. Not only can they use these towels to dry off, but they can also be a convenient places to rest some wet umbrellas and allow them to dry off until the next time they need to be used. Keep the towels by the door so you can greet anyone coming in with a fresh towel and a request to take their shoes off before they go deeper into the house.


You might be tempted to wax the floor before your party. After all, who doesn’t love that wonderful shine that freshly-waxed wood floors have? But wax can make your wood floors slippery and cause spills of food and drink. Stop any spills before they can spread by keeping a dry mop on hand, and have plenty of napkins and paper towels in easy reach, just in case you need them.

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