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Why Wood Flooring is the Best Choice for Those with Allergies


Wood floors are a great choice for people who suffer from seasonal allergies – learn why below!

Spring is a beautiful season filled with the freshness of new growth outside. However, for millions of Americans, spring also means the start of allergy season. The outdoors might not be so great for those suffering people, and, depending on the setup in your home, the indoors might not provide much respite either. Doctors and other specialists have consistently recommended hardwood floors as a great way to minimize the effect of allergens on your indoor environment. Here’s why wood flooring is the best choice for those suffering from allergies.

Allergens Have Nowhere to Hide

Doctors tend to prefer hard surfaces like wood for their own flooring needs because it minimizes the spread of germs, infectious bacteria, and allergens. This happens due to the composition of the flooring – wood floors do not capture the dust, pollen, pet dander, and other substances that can cause allergies to flare up. Carpeting can store these particulates over a long period of time because of its own composition. Dust mites feed off of carpet and rugs and set themselves deep inside, beyond the reach of most vacuum cleaners.

Easy to Clean

In order to get carpeting truly clean, you have to invest in or rent a steam cleaner, which can be costly over the long haul. Homeowners with allergies should go with hardwood flooring particularly because they are easy to clean. Dust, dander, and other allergens won’t disappear because of your wood floors, but they will be easy to mop away. All you need is a mop and some simple cleaner (even one made at home with vinegar) to get rid of the allergens present in your home.

You’ll Notice the Difference

Many have reported a “sudden disappearance” or a significant drop in the amount of attacks they have due to allergies after switching from carpeting to hardwood flooring. When you minimize the amount of potential irritants in your home, you’ll notice a difference almost immediately! Ready to make the switch? Contact Jason Brown Wood Floors today!

Trust Jason Brown Wood Floors for All Your Hardwood Flooring Needs!

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