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What to Expect During A Hardwood Floor Installation

What to Expect During A Hardwood Floor Installation jason brown wood floors

Choosing and installing the perfect hardwood flooring is a process.

Choosing and installing the perfect hardwood flooring is a process. By now, you have most likely decided what type of flooring you want and have researched reputable contractors. You may be wondering what comes next in the process. Having a better understanding of what follows can help you adequately prepare for the most important part of the installation of your hardwood flooring. Here is what you can expect during your hardwood flooring installation.

Prepare Your Home Ahead of Time

When getting hardwood flooring installed, there will be a lot of foot traffic in and out of your house. You can make the process easier for the contractors by getting your home ready before they arrive. Start by removing everything off the floor, like small and personal belongings. You don’t want anything going missing! If possible, put away the furniture and unplug any electronics. Hardwood floor installations produce a lot of dust, so you should also remove items such as paintings, curtains, and anything else that you do not want to get dusty. Any furniture that cannot be moved should be covered to protect against dust infiltration. Removing important personal items reduces the risk of something getting bumped or broken

Installing the Hardwood Floors

This is the most disruptive part of the hardwood floor installation process. You should expect a lot of noise and dust in your home during this time. Depending on the size of the room and the wood planks, the project can take one to three days to complete. Additionally, you need to account for furniture removal and any prep work that may need to be done. During this time, you will not be able to access the room or walk through it to get to other rooms in your home. Noise from hammers, drills, and other power tools is also to be expected.

Staining and Finishing

Adding a stain or finish to your hardwood floors is a great way to add some extra style and personality to your home. Depending on what type of finish you choose, you may have to wait a couple of days until you can place furniture and other objects back onto the floor. However, you can most likely start walking across your new floor a couple of hours after the installation or finishing application. Make sure you consult your hardwood floor installation crew to be sure.

Hardwood Flooring from Jason Brown Wood Floors

At Jason Brown Wood Floors, our commitment to quality installation is clear in all that we do, which is why our customers consistently rate us as one of the top contractors in the region. We have been awarded Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore Award 4 times and have been proudly serving the Baltimore Area for over 16 years. If you’re ready to speak with someone about your hardwood flooring project, we want to hear from you! Contact us at 410-668-9131 or send us a message here.

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