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Protecting Hardwood Floors During a Party

Protecting Hardwood Floors During a Party

When you’re planning your next party, don’t forget about your hardwood floors!

Are you thinking about having a party for Halloween? What about later in the fall? October, November, and December mark the end of the year, but that also means the major holidays are approaching. While there are plenty of parties to be had during the summer months, the parties don’t have to stop just because it’s starting to get cold outside. So, when you’re planning your next party, don’t forget about your hardwood floors!

Perform Maintenance

Performing proper maintenance at regular intervals is one of the best ways to take care of your hardwood floors. Besides, don’t you want your floors to look their best for when guests arrive? Before the party starts, make sure you have vacuumed and swept the floors. A clean hardwood floor is easier to walk across, not to mention nicer to look at  – so get rid of any visible stains that could be an eyesore and an unfortunate talking point during the party itself.

Once the party is over and your guests have left, take another look at your hardwood floors. You might have to clean up any new stains or spills that might have happened while the gathering was in-progress.

Don’t Allow Shoes Inside

You should make it an everyday house rule to not allow anyone to wear shoes while inside. Shoes can cause a variety of problems for your floors, and not just during special occasions. Moisture and dirt from outside are just two examples of what your friends and family can track in with them. Ask them to take their shoes off at the door, or wear slippers or socks while they are inside.

Put Pads Under All Moving Furniture

To get ready for the party, you might have to move your furniture around. Although this will probably involve some effort, if you put some sticky pads underneath the feet of your furniture, you can prevent any damage to your hardwood floors. These pads will let the legs of the furniture to smoothly slide instead of leaving scratches or gouges behind.

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