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How to Keep Your Dog from Damaging Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can last a remarkably long time, but you have to take care of them. You should already know that water is the number one enemy of hardwood’s longevity. Beyond that, knicks and scratches are bound to happen as time goes on. They might not be a source of structural damage, but they can look unsightly. If you’re a dog-owner, their claws can leave some noticeable scratches in your hardwood. Here are some tips to help.

How to Keep Your Dog from Damaging Hardwood Floors

How can you keep your dog from scratching up your hardwood floors? Here are some tips!

Use Rugs!

Let’s start out with the most obvious: rugs are a great way to prevent your dogs from damaging hardwood floors. Some people don’t want to use rugs because they want to show off their beautiful hardwood. We understand this, but we’d urge against it—especially for dog-owners. In addition to protecting your precious hardwood from wear and tear, a well-chosen rug can really pull a room together.

Trim Their Nails Often

Unlike cats, dogs always walk with their claws extended. This means that they could be damaging your hardwood floors with each step they take in your home. Regularly trimming your dog’s nails is recommended for all dog-owners, but it’s especially important if you want to maintain your hardwood floors in pristine condition. Experts recommend you do so roughly every 2 weeks.

Select Hardwood with Prominent Grain

Scratches from pets and other wear and tear can be especially noticeable on certain species of hardwood. If you’re starting fresh with new hardwood floors as a pet owner, it might be wise to select a species with a prominent grain that will distract the eye from minor scratches. A few good choices include ash, hickory, and oak.

Consider Refinishing

Your hardwood floors may have some wear and tear from your dog, but that doesn’t mean you have to start over with new floors. Like we mentioned, these scratches likely haven’t caused any structural damage. With a little refinishing, they might look good as new.

Professional refinishing is the more popular choice, but DIY refinishing is more achievable than you might think. Here at Jason Brown Wood Floors, we stock all the tools you’d need for the job—from sanders made by Mirka to oil applicators by Festool. Consider stopping by our showroom to check out our products.

Hardwood Flooring from Jason Brown Wood Floors

At Jason Brown Wood Floors, our commitment to quality installation is clear in all that we do, which is why our customers consistently rate us as one of the top contractors in the region. We have been awarded Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore Award 4 times and have been proudly serving the Baltimore Area for over 16 years. If you’re ready to speak with someone about your hardwood flooring project, we want to hear from you! Contact us at 410-668-9131 or send us a message here.

Jason Brown Wood Floors is also your convenient dealer of high-quality, professional grade power tools. We offer brands that tradespeople trust most for the job. Come check out our Bel Air showroom to browse the in-stock selection of products and tools by FestoolFreudDiabloShaper, and Mirka.


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