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De-Bunking Some Myths about Hardwood Flooring

De-Bunking Some Myths about Hardwood Flooring

The truth about hardwood flooring!

Believe it or not, there are actually myths about hardwood flooring. These misconceptions are largely because of competing advertisements making all kinds of claims. As with any other home improvement project, it is extremely important that you do your research to weed out the myths and make informed decisions.

Myth: Your Hardwood Flooring is Doomed if You Have Children and/ or Pets

There is quite a bit of variation in durability and hardness amongst all of the different wood species that are available. There are also numerous wood finishing products on the market that can be applied to help extend the life of your hardwood flooring. As long as you make sure spills are cleaned up promptly and re-finish when necessary, you kids and pets won’t cause any lasting damage to your flooring.

Myth: Hardwood Flooring Shows Dirt and Dust More than Other Flooring Choices

While we do admit that hardwood does often show dust faster than other types of flooring, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If there are people in your home who suffer from allergies or are otherwise sensitive to things, showing you that there is dust will help you know exactly where to clean. Eliminating dust as soon as you notice it will significantly improve the air quality in your home. It will also save you money on heating and air conditioning. All of that dust that would be caught in your home’s air filter will be trapped with a mop or other cleaning instrument and tossed in the trash.

Myth: You Shouldn’t Invest in Hardwood Flooring if You Plan on Moving

Actually, this statement couldn’t be more false. According to real estate agents all across the United States, adding hardwood flooring to your home can actually raise the sale price of your home as much as 10%. Home buyers want to see hardwood flooring in the homes they are shopping for and are willing to pay top dollar to have it. This makes hardwood a sound investment, not only in your home but in your future.

Myth: Maintaining Hardwood Flooring is Difficult

Those who say that maintaining hardwood flooring is too hard just aren’t doing it right. It is extremely easy to maintain your hardwood flooring. All you need to do is sweep it regularly and mop it with a vinegar and water solution when needed. That’s it! To make sure maintenance stays simple, you should make sure you refinish as often as is recommended by your hardwood flooring contractor.

Hardwood Flooring from Jason Brown Wood Floors

At Jason Brown Wood Floors, our commitment to quality installation is clear in all that we do, which is why our customers consistently rate us as one of the top contractors in the region. We have been awarded Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore Award 4 times and have been proudly serving the Baltimore Area for over 16 years. If you’re ready to speak with someone about your hardwood flooring project, we want to hear from you! Contact us at 410-668-9131 or send us a message here.

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