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4 Factors that Influence Hardwood Floor Care

4 Factors that Influence Hardwood Floor Care

While there are many things that will influence how you care for your floor, there are 4 main factors you will want to consider closely.

Your hardwood floor is a durable, long-lasting investment in your home. In order to protect your investment, you will want to make sure it is getting the best care possible. While there are many things that will influence how you care for your floor, there are 4 main factors you will want to consider closely.


The color of your hardwood floor is super important for showing off your unique style and design sense. When dust and other dirt accumulates, it can detract from that natural beauty. Something to remember is that darker-colored wood tends to show dust far quicker than its lighter counterpart. It may sound counter-intuitive that a dark hardwood floor could require more maintenance than a lighter one, but if you’re putting hardwood in a particularly high-traffic area it may be best to go with a lighter choice.


Moisture, in all its forms, is the sworn enemy of hardwood floors everywhere. If you’re feeling the humidity when you step outside, your floor is also feeling it. An unfortunate side effect of living on the East Coast is that the more our summer heats up, the more the humidity goes up as well. Luckily, there is a relatively easy way to combat all the moisture in the air: purchase a dehumidifier. There are many models to choose from for a stand-alone unit. You can also talk to your HVAC technician about having a dehumidifier integrated in with the HVAC


It may not be immediately obvious, but the hardness of the hardwood in your flooring does influence how it is cared for. The softer woods are much more pliable and impressionable, which means it can be super easy to scratch and dent. For cleaning purposes, you will want to pull out the especially gentle products for the softer woods.


Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you know a few things about your finish. Three of the most popular finishes that homeowners choose are matte, satin, and glossy. Most flooring finishes are either oil-based or acrylic.

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